Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless Headset + Base Station For PS4 & PC


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The new A50 Base Station Gen 3

5 GHZ Ultra Low-Latency Wireless
The ASTRO A50 Wireless operates on a less-crowded frequency, which provides solid, robust connectivity. ASTRO's wireless technology delivers low-latency performance, allowing you to stay in perfect sync with your gameplay. Ditch the cables with confidence.

7.1 Dolby Headphone Surround Sound
Accurate audio no matter the source. Engineered with spatial placement and directivity in mind for a cinematic, three-dimensional audio experience.

15+ Hour Battery Life
Battle through extended gaming sessions with up to 15 hours of battery life and conserve battery life when not in use. The A50 headset shuts off when inactive, but automatically powers back on when the headset detects motion.

Fully Wireless
No chat cable required for any console (both also PC Compatible).

The flexible, durable microphone offered on the A50 provides clear, low noise communication and is optimized for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC/Mac. A simple flip mutes the mic.

ASTRO Audio provides a neutral, smooth, and extended frequency spectrum for detailed, true to life imaging. Non-fatiguing highs, clear mids, and tight, distortion-free bass for balanced resolution.

Game:Voice Balance
Adjust the ratio of game audio to voice chat with ease. Easily tweak the levels of each audio source to achieve the perfect mix.

Astro Command Centre
The free customization software allows pros and livestreamers to tune every input and output parameter of the A50 to precisely configure it for their specific setup.

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