S.E. International Digilert 100 Digital Nuclear Radiation Monitor


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Accessories: Exclusive case, dry cell, proofreading certificate, instruction manual (English), Japanese commentary book

[product specification]
The measurement range 0.001-110 mR/hr 0.01-1100uSv/hr
CPM: 0-350,000 CPS: 0-3500
Total: 0-9,999,000 counts
Timer: 40hr
The detection Halogen enclosure Geiger Mullerian duct type
Mica window (LND712 1.5-2 mg/cm2)
Precision ±10% (usually), ±15% (maximum)
Others Of the warning level is setable
PC, count signal output port to a logger
Use environment -10-50 degrees Celsius
Power supply 9V dry cell 006P
Size, weight 150 x 80 x 30mm, 225 g
Production インターナショナルメッドコム (the United States)

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