110V/220V Digital Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer Thermostatic Electric Heating Mixer MS400


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This Lab magnetic stirrer is used to mix or stir liquid.
Digital Speed Control:
Stirring speed is also controlled by the CPU from the keypad while the stirring speed is indicated on the large display.
Automatic Temperature Control:
Connect the temperature probe and place into glass container being stirred to measure and maintain the object temperature. Accuracy is 1°C.

MS400 hot plate magnetic stirrer includes a high performance CPU that controls each run modes.
Push-button speed controller effectively avoids the hot-liquids hurt operator.
Large LCD display clear shows current temperatures, stirring time, stirring speeds, etc.
The Incidental temperature probe automatically holds setting temperatures. 


Package Included:

1 x MS400 Magnetic Stirrer

One Set of Accessories

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